Kitchen Table Theology

060 Interview with Dave Park

June 06, 2021 Pastor Jeff Cranston
Kitchen Table Theology
060 Interview with Dave Park
Show Notes

Hello Kitchen Table Theology Family! This is a special interview episode with Pastor Jeff Cranston and our guest, Dr. Dave Park

Dr. Dave Park is the founder and president of Infusion and His Passion Ministries. Dave has ministered to pastors, youth leaders, parents, and students for over 25 years all over the world including Panama, Argentina, Germany, Ireland, and Israel. Dave and his team provide training, seminars, conferences, workshops, and one on one counseling to people mainly in the areas of their identity in Christ. He has co-authored more than 17 best-selling books with Dr. Neil T.  Anderson and has been nominated for three Gold Medallion Awards.

Dave is married to his lovely wife, Grace, has three children, thirteen grand-babies, and one Siamese cat.

[0:27]  Introducing Dr. Dave Park

  • Dave and Pastor Jeff chat about meeting each other, cats going to heaven, and introduce today’s discussion

[03:11] Our Identity In Christ Changes Our Nature

  • Dr. Dave explains how dogmatic we can mistakenly become by reversing our Theology. An example, in Ephesians' first three chapters it's about identity; who we are in Christ. Yet, we can forget about that and immediately dive into the practicality of what we must do in Christ
  • We have been made holy by God, not by anything we do, that He may dwell in us. We have intimacy in Christ that we can rest in because He's provided the way of salvation. Thus, Jesus said on  the cross, "it's finished."

[09:18]  Infusion and His Passion Ministries

  •  Dr. Dave talks about how God led him to start his ministry. As a young man, despite promise and success, Dr. Dave had many insecurities and an orphan spirit. He was always striving to be loved by God

[14:21] Going From Knowing Theology to Applying It

  • Staring with knowing Theology deeper; Dr. Dave recommends starting with Ephesians
  • Dr. Dave on his thoughts about the American Church  and the concepts of identity in Christ
  • Dr. Dave's recommendations on where to start with theology

[26:02] Closing Up


Tweetable Quotes:

“Keeping God's commandments is a serious thing to God in his heart, but it's not done to sustain or to provide salvation. It's done to express our love for God. " - Dr. Dave Park 

"Most of the bondages, or most of the sins in my life, were made trying to meet my own needs, or trying to find satisfaction, or pleasure, or peace or comfort in another area besides my Jesus." - Dr. Dave Park 


Scripture Mentioned: 

  • 1 Cor 3:16
  • Rom 7:15

Books Mentioned: 

  • The Common Made Holy by Neil T. Anderson
  • The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson
  • Stomping Out the Darkness Paperback by Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park


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Remember, the real power of theology is not only knowing it but applying it. Thanks for listening!