Kitchen Table Theology

172 Bible Overview: Ephesians

October 29, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 172
Kitchen Table Theology
172 Bible Overview: Ephesians
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“The reality of the ordinary progress of Christian understanding should not escape our notice. Early believers know no answers, immature believers know all the answers, and mature believers know the limits of our answers.” ― Bryan Chapell

In this episode, Pastor Jeff and Tiffany deep dive into the book of Ephesians, its significance in the Christian church, and its relevance to both new and mature believers. While not containing radically new theological concepts, Ephesians is influential in the church due to its rich and diverse themes on the Christian walk. Tune in as we discuss God's salvation plan, the believer's union with Christ, living according to the Spirit, and so much more! 

[00:01 - 06:09] An Introduction To The Letter of Ephesus

  • Welcoming Pastor Jeff back from a month-long sabbatical. 
  • Did The Apostle Paul really write the letter to Ephesus? Pastor Jeff emphasizes the authenticity of Paul's authorship of Ephesians, despite debates suggesting otherwise.

[06:10 - 12:01] Paul's Impact in Ephesus: Conversion, Controversy, and the Prison Epistles 

  • Written around 60-61 AD, the same time as Colossians and Philemon.
  • Demetrius, a silversmith in Ephesus who made Artemis idols, instigated a riot against Paul, whose teachings reduced demand for the idols.
  • Paul’s teachings threatened the local economy and religious traditions.
  • The Ephesians is identified as one of the four "prison epistles" written during Paul's first Roman imprisonment.
  • Ephesians is one of Paul’s most formal letters, teaching us how to live the Christian life. 

[12:02 - 21:33] Five Main Theological Theme

  • The plan of God and salvation
    • We read about Election, Redemption, Adoption, Inheritance, Perseverance, and Regeneration in Ephesians 1:3-14
  • Union with Christ
  • Walking in according to the Spirit
    • Reminds believers of their transformation from spiritually dead to being alive in Christ.
  • The unity of the church
    • Unity in the church emphasizes the bond between Jewish and Gentile believers.
  • Spiritual warfare
    • Spiritual warfare in Ephesians offers an in-depth look at the armor of God and the battle against evil.

[21:34 - 23:06] Closing Up 

  • Next week we will be studying 1 Kings!


“All written by Paul while he was imprisoned, and yet they contain some of the most liberating thoughts of the Christian life imaginable.” – Pastor Jeff Cranston 

“The letter to the Ephesians is one of the most influential documents in the Christian church.” – Harold Hoehner 

"The letter to the Ephesians is one of the most influential documents in the Christian church."  – Pastor Jeff Cranston 

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172 Bible Overview: Ephesians
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