Kitchen Table Theology

168 Bible Overview: 2nd Corinthians

August 27, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 168
Kitchen Table Theology
168 Bible Overview: 2nd Corinthians
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Do you want to learn more about Paul's profound messages of hope, exchange, and reconciliation themes of 2nd Corinthians, and why they are still relevant today as they were in ancient Corinth?

In this episode, set against the backdrop of ancient Corinth, Paul's letters to the Corinthians are explored in depth. The content delves into Paul's connection to the church, touching on significant theological concepts such as 'exchange' and 'imputation'. The conversation then turns to the 'glory' of the new covenant, highlighting its accessibility to all believers, contrasting with leaders like Moses. Concluding with the theme of 'reconciliation,' listeners will learn how God, through Christ, seeks to reconnect with humanity. 

Overall, this episode offers insights into ancient teachings while highlighting their continued importance today!

[00:00 - 06:57] Challenges and Teachings from 2nd Corinthians

  • Pastor Jeff and Tifanny revolve around Apostle Paul's second letter to the church in Corinth or 2nd Corinthians
  • Tiffany and Pastor Jeff unravel the challenges Paul faced with the church and the reasons behind this follow-up letter
  • Paul wrote Second Corinthians to express Thanksgiving for repentance and renewed obedience of Corinthian believers
  • Paul defended his ministry against accusations of false apostles in Corinth who challenged his authority and integrity

[06:58 - 16:02] Imputation and Generosity

  • They explore the concept of "imputation" from 2nd Corinthians, highlighting Christ's exchange of sin for righteousness
  • Paul's "Wedding Banquet" parable was discussed, illustrating the idea of believers receiving Christ's righteousness as a gift
  • The theme of "generosity" was emphasized, referencing Paul's plea to aid distant Jerusalem churches
  • A modern food drive was cited, showcasing the enduring message of generosity and gratitude

[16:03 - 22:15] Glory, Covenant, and Reconciliation

  • They delved into the "glory" theme, noting believers now reflect God's radiance through Christ
  • Discussing the "new covenant," they emphasized its inscription on believers' hearts, not stone.
  • Reconciliation" underscores God's mission in Christ to mend humanity's bond with Him
  • With the message of reconciliation, believers are urged to share Paul's timeless teachings


"He had no sin in himself, but our sin was imputed, attributed, or covering him. And so as he suffered on the cross, he took the just penalty that our sin deserves."- Pastor Jeff Cranston

"The gospel is so simple that small children can understand it, and it is so profound that the studies by the wisest theologians will never exhaust its riches." - Charles Hodge

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