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167 Bonus Episode: OT and NT Quiz

August 20, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 167
Kitchen Table Theology
167 Bonus Episode: OT and NT Quiz
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Special Bible Quiz Edition: Putting Testament Knowledge to the Test!

In today’s Kitchen Table Theology's' special quiz episode, listeners are going to challenge their Old and New Testament knowledge through a total of 16 carefully crafted questions, varying in complexity, ranging from foundational queries like the terminology for the initial five books of the Old Testament to more nuanced ones about specific biblical events, such as Jesus's first miracle. Beyond just quizzing, Tiffany and Pastor Jeff enrich the experience with insightful biblical explanations and references. 

Tune in, answer all 16 questions correctly, and have a chance to win a Kitchen Table Theology Coffee mug and a carton of K cups of Southern Pecan coffee!

[00:00 - 09:48] Testing Your Old and New Testament Knowledge: Questions 1 to 5

  • What's one word used to describe the first five books of the Old Testament?
  • In what city did Jesus turn water into wine, which was his first miracle?
  • According to the Book of Genesis, what was the nature of the serpent?
  • The two Old Testament figures who appeared with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration were who?
  • What form did the waters take as the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea?
  • On what day did Jesus heal a man's withered hand?

[09:12 - 18:46] Testing Your Old and New Testament Knowledge: Questions 7 to 11

  • What happened in the Old Testament when the sun stood still?
  • To whom did Jesus instruct the ten healed lepers to show themselves in Luke 17?
  • The prophet Elisha told Naaman to wash in the Jordan River to be rid of his leprosy. How did Naaman react to being told this?
  • What did the Shunammite's son do after Elisha restored his life?
  • In the Book of Acts, what happened on the road to Damascus?

[18:46 - 27:30] Testing Your Old and New Testament Knowledge: Questions 12 to 16

  • Which of the following women is mentioned in the New Testament? A. Abigail B. Delilah C. Elizabeth D. Jochebed
  • In the book of Acts, how many people gathered in a crowd after Jesus ascended into heaven?
  • In Acts 19, what was the profession of the seven sons of Sceva?
  • Who is credited with writing the Book of Acts?
  • In the Book of Genesis, how many brothers did Joseph have?


"The Bible isn't just a book of stories, but a testament of faith, and each question we pose illuminates a path to deeper understanding." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

"In every biblical tale, there's a lesson; and with every question we ponder, we connect more deeply with its timeless wisdom." - Tiffany Coker

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