Kitchen Table Theology

164 Bonus Episode: Interview with Marquis Laughlin, Part Two

July 30, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 164
Kitchen Table Theology
164 Bonus Episode: Interview with Marquis Laughlin, Part Two
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In this episode, Pastor Jeff continues his conversation with Marquis Laughlin, the founder of Acts of the Word Ministries. Marquis travels all over the US, performing dramatic solo scripture presentations, and shares his experiences. This conversation dives deep into understanding the story God is telling in the Bible to strengthen faith. It also highlights the importance of having context when reading and interpreting scripture, as well as understanding the big picture that God has laid out for us. 

[00:00 - 07:39] The Power of Scripture on Secular Audiences

  • Marquis Laughlin, the founder of Acts of the Word Ministries, shares his experiences performing dramatic solo scripture presentations before secular audiences, sparking both intrigue and discomfort
  • In a street fair in Queens, Marquis engages a diverse crowd with parts of Revelation and John, witnessing the stark contrast in reactions between believers and non-believers to the powerful words of Scripture
  • The double-edged sword of Scripture leaves some deeply moved and grateful, while others respond with discomfort and hostility
  • Marquis's encounters with secular audiences underscore the profound impact of sharing God's Word with the world

[07:40 - 15:36] Unveiling God's Story

  • Marquis Laughlin discusses performing in diverse settings, highlighting the contrasting responses of believers and unbelievers to Scripture
  • In a post-Christian culture, biblical literacy has declined, and Marquis emphasizes the need for a deeper understanding of God's Word
  • He encourages listeners to become "story detectives," grasping the narrative of Scripture and its purpose in God's plan
  • Marquis advocates for memorizing Scripture as a transformative tool for spiritual growth and discerning God's profound story

[15:36 - 22:26] Strengthening Faith in God's Big Picture

  • The declining biblical literacy in American churches is discussed, prompting the call for believers to be like the Bereans and study the scriptures for truth
  • As the world becomes darker and more evil, Marquis believes that God will reveal Himself even more, giving believers more reasons to believe and stay faithful
  • Marquis Laughlin's ministry and impact on Lowcountry Community Church and listeners are warmly appreciated, and valuable resources for truth-seeking individuals are shared


"The most important thing that they should know about the Bible is that God is telling a story, and all of the pieces are there. And we need to try to come alongside over God's shoulder and try to see the story he's telling from his perspective." - Marquis Laughlin 

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