Kitchen Table Theology

163 Bonus Episode: Interview with Marquis Laughlin, Part One

July 23, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 163
Kitchen Table Theology
163 Bonus Episode: Interview with Marquis Laughlin, Part One
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Ever wondered how a person can memorize seven complete books of the Bible and use that skill to spread the gospel?

On this episode of Kitchen Table Theology, join Pastor Jeff Cranston as he welcomes special guest Marquis Laughlin, founder of Acts of the Word Ministries. Marquis travels the US performing dramatic solo scripture presentations and has memorized seven complete books of the Bible. They discuss his ministry, commitment to spreading the gospel, and his journey from wanting to become a major league baseball player to discovering his gifts in speech and communication. Finally, Marquis provides advice on making the most of one's gifts and talents as God has put these on them for a purpose!

[00:03 - 06:58] Marquis Laughlin's Journey from Dreams to Biblical Drama

  • Marquis Laughlin, the founder of Acts of the Word Ministries, joins "Kitchen Table Theology," showcasing his unique ministry of dramatic solo presentations and memorization of seven complete books of the Bible
  • Marquis shares his inspiring journey from pursuing film acting to a profound calling in presenting God's Word through memorization
  • With an astonishing ability to memorize entire books of the Bible, Marquis travels extensively, performing God's Word in theaters, conferences, and places of worship

[06:59 - 12:25] Unveiling Truth through Scripture

  • With a passion for biblical truth, Marquis highlights the significance of deepening one's understanding of Scripture to discern theological teachings effectively
  • Seeking to creatively share end-times theology, Marquis relies on the firm foundation of Scripture to overcome conflicting teachings
  • Emphasizing the importance of using unique gifts for God's glory, Marquis encourages listeners to diligently develop their talents, trusting in God's timing and purpose

[12:25 - 21:16] Memorizing and Dramatically Sharing Revelation

  • Challenged by a roommate, Marquis Laughlin embarks on a remarkable journey to memorize the book of Revelation while his friend takes on Romans, marking the beginning of his passion for scripture
  • With growing confidence in his memorization, Marquis discovers the transformative power of quoting scripture, leading him to share the book of Revelation dramatically with others
  • Undeterred by doubts and uncertainties, Marquis perseveres in his memorization, ultimately presenting the book of Revelation before audiences in various churches, conferences, and colleges


"My advice to anybody is to try to work as hard as you can at getting as good as you can at whatever that is, and God is going to bring fruit from it and glorify himself through it." - Marquis Laughlin

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