Kitchen Table Theology

161 Bible Overview: Romans

July 09, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 161
Kitchen Table Theology
161 Bible Overview: Romans
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Are you ready to delve into the assurance of salvation, spiritual growth, God's law, and our responsibilities as devoted followers of Christ?

In this must-see episode, Tiffany and Pastor Jeff explores the profound themes of the New Testament letter written by Apostle Paul. Throughout the discussion, they explore topics such as assurance of salvation, spiritual growth and maturity, the significance of God's law, and the responsibilities that come with being followers of Christ. By delving into these areas, we gain valuable insight into the true essence of citizenship within God's divine kingdom.

[00:00 - 09:08] Exploring Paul's Epistle to the Romans

  • Tiffany Coker and Pastor Jeff Cranston discuss the New Testament letter of Paul to the Romans, which is considered a theological masterpiece 
  • Written by Paul from Corinth around 56-58 AD, the letter addresses the Roman church formed by Jewish Christians returning from Jerusalem
  • Paul was hoping to visit Spain, but it is unknown if he ever did

[09:09 - 17:59] The Journey of Paul's Letter

  • The Holy Spirit gave the apostles the ability to proclaim the gospel in languages unknown to them but understood by those who spoke them
  • Paul wrote to the believers in Rome to prepare them for his visit and establish his apostolic credentials
  • The letter to the Romans addresses profound theological themes such as justification, redefining the people of God, salvation, spiritual growth, the Holy Spirit's role, and believers' responsibilities
  • The Romans had a postal system used primarily for government and military communication with unmatched speed until the 19th century
  • A woman named Phoebe carried Paul's letter from Corinth to Rome, a journey of 650 miles

[18:00 - 27:58] Justification and the Redefinition of God's People

  • Romans is a Christian manifesto declaring freedom through Christ
  • The two major theological themes are justification and redefining who the people of God are
  • Justification highlights that righteousness is attained through faith in Christ, not rituals or lineage
  • The book is divided into sections on the need for salvation, Christ's redemptive work, the inclusion of Gentiles, and practical implications for believers
  • Paul tackles issues to bring unity and peace to the church by reminding us that salvation is for everyone who believes


"Human beings are born in sin and slavery, but Jesus Christ came to set us free from all of that." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

"Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones says this Romans is the greatest masterpiece ever written. It is a colossal and incomparable statement of Christian truth." - Tiffany Coker

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