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160 Bible Overview: Joshua

July 02, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 160
Kitchen Table Theology
160 Bible Overview: Joshua
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What secrets lie within the book of Joshua, and how does it connect the ancient past with timeless truths? 

Uncover Joshua's extraordinary tale of conquest and the divine power that shaped it. Who authored this remarkable account, and what does it reveal about the link between the Pentateuch and the prophets? Join Pastor Jeff Cranston and Tiffany Coker as they delve into the theological themes of the book of Joshua, exposing the profound themes that showcase God's sovereignty over nature and His unrivaled authority in overcoming adversaries. 

Tune in and transform your understanding of the ancient wisdom within the book of Joshua.

[00:00 - 09:13] Exploring the Book of Joshua's Thrills, Complexity, and Significance

  • Pastor Jeff and Tiffany explore the book of Joshua, filled with war, conquest, and leadership, as Israel journeys to the Promised Land
  • This book marks a significant chapter in Israel's history, linking promises made to their ultimate fulfillment
  • Joshua serves as a vital bridge, connecting the Pentateuch to subsequent books and marking a significant chapter in Israel's history
  • Pastor Jeff believes that Joshua himself or a scribe under his authority is believed to have written most of the book, with potential additions from high priests Azar and Phineas

[09:14 - 17:21] Key Themes in the Book of Joshua

  • The book of Joshua spans 25 years and portrays the conquest of Canaan by the nation of Israel after Moses' death
  • Joshua emphasizes that although Israel had achieved some victories, their conquest was not yet complete, urging the people to continue their mission
  • The book showcases God's sovereignty over nature, illustrated through miraculous events like the parting of the Jordan River and the stilling of the sun and moon
  • God demonstrates His power and authority by defeating kings and kingdoms that oppose Israel, highlighting His supremacy over all the earth

[17:22 - 26:29] Sanctification, Provision, and Faithfulness in the Book of Joshua

  • The interconnected themes of sanctification and purification in the book of Joshua highlight the holiness of God
  • The faithfulness of God in keeping His promises is prominently displayed throughout the narrative of Joshua
  • The application of the book of Joshua to our lives today involves recognizing God's faithfulness and placing our trust in His presence
  • The themes of holiness, provision, and promise-keeping serve as reminders of God's character, inspiring us to be strong and courageous in our faith journeys


"God's sovereignty over the elements and the natural world is seen in God stopping the Jordan River to allow Israel to cross on dry land, and in the sun and moon standing still during one of the battles." - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

"Joshua means Yahweh Saves, which is an appropriate name for the man who led Israel under God's sovereign direction. Highlighting the significance of Joshua's name and leadership role." - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

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