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157 Bible Overview: John

June 11, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 157
Kitchen Table Theology
157 Bible Overview: John
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Have you ever pondered the true identity of Jesus, the Son of God, and how His divine love has the power to transform lives? Are you ready to dive into the depths of theological exploration?

Join Pastor Jeff Cranston at Kitchen Table Theology as he poses a question: How well do you know the Gospel according to John? Brace yourself for a captivating journey of divine love, eternal life, and the power of faith. Get ready to be inspired, equipped, and transformed as you unravel remarkable stories and delve into profound theological themes.

Let your faith grow stronger, and your love for Jesus and others soar to new heights in this extraordinary episode!

[00:04 - 06:57] "Exploring the Power of Love: An Overview of the Gospel According to John"

• Overview of the New Testament book of the Gospel According to John 

• Story about Judge Lee Shapiro and his "hugger kit"

• John was the closest disciple to Jesus 

• John wrote his book between 80 70 and 8,100

[06:57 - 14:09] Uncovering the Theological Themes of John's Gospel: Belief, Glory, and Redemption

• John twice refers to the Sea of Tiberius, which was widely used for the Sea of Galilee near the end of the first century

• John's lack of reference to the Sadducees suggests he wrote after 80, 70 when they ceased to exist

• Tradition suggests John wrote his gospel after the other three, giving it a later date

• John wrote with evangelistic intent for both Jews and Gentiles

[14:11 - 21:09] Exploring Themes of Messiahship, Judgment, and Eternal Life in John's Gospel

• John declares Christ as the son of God who has come to save the world

• People come under God's judgment by rejecting Christ and find life by coming to faith in Him.

• John speaks of a final judgment at the end of time and also when people refuse to believe. 

• Themes of physical life and eternal life are present in the gospel. 

[21:09 - 26:38] The Triumph of Truth and Love

• John's gospel reveals the power of evil works through deception, hatred, and death. 

• Jesus defeats evil with truth and love and gives us the gift of eternal life. 

• God continues to love the world and sent Christ to redeem it. 

• Believing in Jesus leads to real and eternal life


"God sent his son, and he reconciled us to himself. And throughout the gospel of John, we discover as you read it the wonderful gifts God offers us through His Son." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

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