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156 Bonus Episode: Interview with Pastor Jeff

June 04, 2023 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 156
Kitchen Table Theology
156 Bonus Episode: Interview with Pastor Jeff
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Ever wondered about the remarkable journey of Pastor Jeff Cranston? In this captivating episode of the Kitchen Table Theology podcast, host Tiffany Coker delves into his travels, favorite hobbies, and encounters with historical figures. Join the conversation as Jeff shares his calling to ministry and the profound impact of Bob Buford's book Halftime on his life. Explore the importance of strong pulpits and biblical literacy, and discover the influential books and resources that have shaped Jeff's path as a pastor. And don't miss out on his dreams of becoming a firefighter paramedic and an off-the-grid gentleman farmer. 

Get ready to embark on an enlightening journey through books, travel, ministry, and more with Pastor Jeff Cranston!

[00:04 - 08:14] An Interview with the Host of Kitchen Table Theology Podcast

• Today's special bonus episode features an interview with Pastor Jeff 

• 42 countries visited, with favorites including the Pacific Northwest of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK 

• Hobbies include reading, growing vegetables, riding bike, and history 

• Called to ministry after leading morning devotions in the high school biology classroom

[08:14 - 16:23] Reflection on 24 Years of Ministry 

• Went to Bible college and then left to become a firefighter paramedic 

• Met wife who helped him understand the calling to preach 

• Started as a youth pastor in North Georgia 

• Advice: if you can do anything else, do it 

• Biggest challenge: weak pulpits and lack of challenging culture among Christians 

[16:23 - 19:51] Exploring Biblical Truth with Pastor Jeff Cranston: From Firefighter to Farmer and Everything In Between

• Bob Buford's book Halftime was pivotal for Pastor Jeff Cranston 

• The speaker wanted to be a firefighter paramedic and a cabinet maker. 

• He also wanted to be an off-the-grid gentleman farmer. 


"The only thing that has kept me in the game numerous times was I went back to the call, and I have a chapter in verse for that out of Jeremiah and Hebrews and Psalms. So I would go back to those verses and say okay, God, are you rescinding any of this?" - Pastor Jeff Cranston

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KTT # 156