Kitchen Table Theology

110 Complete in Christ

June 19, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 110
Kitchen Table Theology
110 Complete in Christ
Show Notes

What do we have to do to be fully complete in Christ? In today’s episode, Pastor Jeff Cranson and Jen Denton discuss what it means to be whole when we inherit the kingdom of God. They will also talk about Gnosticism, and how its teachings create repercussions. People are not taught to look for spiritual truths outside of what can be learned through empirical observation and experimentation, which can lead to spiritual blindness. Being complete in Christ means that we have been set free from sin.

[00:01 - 04:52] Opening Segment

  • What does it mean to be complete in Christ?

[04:53 - 11:17] Gnostic Teachings and its Premises

  • Matter is fundamentally wicked and spirit is naturally good
    • Sins of the flesh are no longer sins
    • It’s all about the soul
  • Higher level of truth that is only known by a select few

[11:18 - 21:26] You are complete in Christ

  • Paul emphasizes that those who are in Christ have been completed in him
    • Regardless of being circumcised or being born of Jewish parents
  • Circumcision without hands
  • Those who are obedient to God's law have become part of the holy people of God
  • There is nothing we can do to increase our standing with God

[21:27 - 23:14] Closing Segment

  • Final words


" the moment of your salvation, you were declared complete in Christ." - Jeff Cranston

"Through Jesus's sacrificial death and his resurrection, all of the work has been done. And our justification is therefore by his grace through faith we can't try harder. We can't work more to obtain a right standing with God. He's done it all." - Jeff Cranston

Bible Verses Mentioned:

  • Colossians 2:10-12
  • Romans 2:25-29

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