Kitchen Table Theology

108 Inheritance

June 05, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 108
Kitchen Table Theology
108 Inheritance
Show Notes

What is inheritance? This week, we're discussing the instantaneous salvation inheritance that believers receive. This includes forgiveness from our own transgressions, being adopted into God's family, and being a part of God's eternal plan. Pastor Jeff and Jen will talk about different stories that show that our inheritance in Christ is eternal, unchanging, and incredibly intense. This inheritance is not of this world, and so it will never fade. We’ll also talk about what inheritance is in the bible, so tune in and get a taste of heaven here on earth!

[00:01 - 06:10] Opening Segment

  • A story about a Levi Strauss jeans
  • A story about a waitress named Cara Wood
  • At the moment of salvation, the believer is adopted into God's family and forgiven for their own transgressions
  • Inheritance refers to the blessings God sends our way at this moment, including blessings from our ancestors

[06:11 - 13:54] What the Bible Says About Inheritance

  • It's the sum of all God has promised us in salvation
  • The word heritage is tied into the word inheritance
  • The believer's inheritance is indestructible and unspoiled
    • Impervious to deterioration or corruption

[13:55 - 21:56] The Holy Spirit Being a Guarantee of Our Inheritance

  • We talk about the inherent inheritance that we have in Christ
  • This inheritance is preserved for us in paradise, and it is guaranteed or promised by the Holy Spirit
  • Believers can experience a taste of heaven on Earth through the Holy Spirit
  • Believers will receive their inheritance in heaven at the moment of their salvation

[21:57 - 23:25] Closing Segment

  • Final words


"What we have in Christ, in other words, is impervious to deterioration or corruption." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

"Our inheritance, our birthright is not of this world." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

"We experience a little bit of heaven on Earth. And that helps us understand that heaven is real. There's this deep satisfaction that only God can bring, and we get to experience that." - Pastor Jeff Cranston

Bible Verse/s:

  • 2 Corinthians 4:17

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