Kitchen Table Theology

107 Bonus Q&A Episode

May 29, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 107
Kitchen Table Theology
107 Bonus Q&A Episode
Show Notes

Pastor Jeff Cranston and Jen Denton are back for a Bonus Q&A Episode! They will answer questions on various topics, such as the spirit of judgment and the rapture. The Bible is all about context, so let’s jump right in and gain more clarity on salvation!

[00:10 - 01:36] Opening Segment

[01:37 - 04:44] When Christ Returns to Reign

  • When Christ returns to reign, where will the believers be who have been in heaven?
    • As part of the Lord’s army

[04:45 - 11:01] The Babies When the Rapture Occurs

  • When the rapture occurs, and Christ’s church is taken to heaven, will it include all children and unborn babies?
    • The Lord will take them along with the believers
    • Including the children of the non-believers

[11:02 - 17:05] The Spirit of Judgment and the Spirit of Burning

  • The spirit of judgment
    • The influence of God where he is bringing judgment
  • The spirit of burning
    • God’s wrath

[17:06 - 19:30] Closing Segment

  • Watch out for our next episode about inheritance!
  • Final words

Bible Verses:

  • Isaiah 4:2 - 4:6


“We all know what burning does. Burning is a procedure that eliminates unworthy things while purifying the noble. Unworthy things to be free of all impurities. - Pastor Jeff Cranston


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