Kitchen Table Theology

106 Adoption

May 22, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 106
Kitchen Table Theology
106 Adoption
Show Notes

In today’s episode, Pastor Jeff Cranston and Jen Denton discuss the two types of adoption in Christianity - positional and experiential. When we are saved, we become children of God. We are no longer dependent on our parents or anyone else for our salvation. We are in a position of responsibility and maturity just like an adult. Jen and Jeff discuss how adoption works differently in Christian life than it does in human life, and how adoptive parents do not have to be related to the child they adopt. They also discuss how positional theology is the idea that we become heirs of all that Christ and heaven have to offer.

[00:10 - 05:11] OpeningSegment

  • Being adopted into the family of God at the moment of salvation
    •  Being forgiven for our transgressions

[05:13 - 09:06] Adoption in Christianity

  • The difference between the Romans and how God adopted the Christians
    • Roman law did not recognize adoption of daughters
  • An outsider becomes an insider
  • Coming to faith is becoming a child of God
  • Babes in Christ and matured Christians

[17:08 - 19:40] Closing Segment

  • Final words from Pastor Jeff and Jen


"The Bible tells us that everyone who's accepted Christ's Savior has been adopted into the family of God, and it pleases God to make us a part of his family." - Jen Denton

"When we have a principle to live out, when we have a command to obey, if you're in Christ one day or you're in Christ 50 years, the command is exactly the same." - Pastor Jeff Cranston


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