Kitchen Table Theology

101 Bonus Episode: Interview with Dr. Mark Smith

April 03, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 101
Kitchen Table Theology
101 Bonus Episode: Interview with Dr. Mark Smith
Show Notes

In this episode of Kitchen Table Theology, Pastor Jeff, joined by Dr. Mark Smith, discuss the need for biblical literacy, especially among young people. They also tackle the future of the American Church and how people can tackle biblical illiteracy through modern resources that are available.  

Dr. Mark A. Smith is currently the President of Columbia International University with nearly two decades of experience as a Christian higher education administrator. Prior to his current position, Dr. Smith served as the President of Ohio Christian University for 11 years. In his time with OCU, he was able to increase the attendance of the university tenfold, from 400 students to 4,600. Dr. Smith was involved in funding over 20 million dollars for facilities at OCU. Even before the accomplishments he experienced at OCU, Dr. Mark Smith served as Dean and later Vice President for Adult and Graduate Studies at Indiana Wesleyan University. 

For over 20 years, Dr. Mark Smith's mission has been to help shape students into ministers, missionaries, and ministering professionals, determined to educate people from a biblical worldview to impact the nations with the message of Christ. He has written and published numerous articles for educational and professional development and even co-authored 2 novels so far: "Leading Change in Your World" and "The Church Leader’s MBA," a management manual for church leaders.


[00:01] We Have an Announcement!

  • Kitchen Table Theology is taking a break and will be back in May! 
  • Introducing guest Dr. Mark Smith


[04:35] Christianity in America and  How To Combat Biblical Illiteracy

  • Dr. Smith gives his thoughts on the state of the American church, regarding theology and doctrine
  • How can Christian educators become more biblically literate?  


[16:27] The Future of the American Church

  • What will happen if the young people of America continue to be Biblically Illiterate?
    • People will turn away from morals and values
    • God and His word will still be pursuing people


[20:39] Closing Up


Key Quotes

“We have to, with intentionality and with purposefulness, say the Word has to be taught today more than ever.” - Dr. Mark Smith

“Don't forget to tell people that great doctrine produces great lives lived out morally.” - Dr. Mark  Smith


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