Kitchen Table Theology

100th Episode

March 27, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 100
Kitchen Table Theology
100th Episode
Show Notes

“What drove [starting Kitchen Table Theology] was the increasing lack of biblical illiteracy that I see in the church, including our own church. And I wanted to try to do something to help people and their biblical knowledge in the area of theology and doctrine.“ - Pastor Jeff Cranston 

In this 100th Episode Special of Kitchen Table Theology, Pastor Jeff and Jen celebrate the last 2 years of making the podcast, we learn more about the motivation and driver of the show and they talk about where the podcast is going and what we can expect.  

[00:01]  Getting to Know Kitchen Table Theology 

  • What gave Pastor Jeff the idea to start Kitchen Table Theology 
  • The meaning of the podcast’s tagline, “The real power of theology is not only knowing it but applying it.”


[08:56] The Big Secret, Revealed 

  • Is Kitchen Table Theology going to continue? 
  • A big THANK YOU to Jen and Jen talks about why she wanted to do the podcast 
  • The hardest part of the process of making each podcast episode 
  • The difference between preparing for a sermon and the podcast 
  • The most rewarding part of the last 100 episodes 


[19:00] Where the Podcast is Heading 

  • Ideas for the future and what to expect 
  • Continuing to cover the topics of doctrine and theology that hasn’t been covered yet 


[23:11] Closing Up 

  • A big THANK YOU to the people who make this podcast possible 
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Key Quotes

“The point of studying theology and doctrine is to have it do its work in you, and in your heart and in your walk with Christ.” -  Pastor Jeff Cranston 

“We note all of these contemporary authors, contemporary apologists, contemporary theologians, but we always go back to Scripture, we always go back to the Word.” -   Jen Denton 


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Remember, the real power of theology is not only knowing it but applying it. Thanks for listening!