Kitchen Table Theology

093 Eschatology: The Millennial Kingdom, Part 1

February 06, 2022 Pastor Jeff Cranston Episode 93
Kitchen Table Theology
093 Eschatology: The Millennial Kingdom, Part 1
Show Notes

“Theology is not a luxury. It is the very foundation of the Christian life. And without this foundation, our efforts to impact the world for Christianity will miss their mark.” - R.C. Sproul

Welcome to Kitchen Table Theology! Pastor Jeff and Jen Denton continue our series on Eschatology. Previously we’ve covered the rapture, the tribulation, signs of the end times, and today we start our discussion on The Millennium. 

[00:01]  What is the Millennium? 

  • In the next few podcasts, we’ll cover the Millennium’s length, its government, its characteristics, the role of Christ, and our role in it.
  • If you have any questions about eschatology email them to us at 
  • The Millennium or the Millennial Kingdom is the rule and reign of Jesus Christ on earth, 1000 years following the tribulation.
  • In Revelation 19:14, John describes the inauguration of the Millennial Kingdom 

[07:12] The Battle of Armageddon

  • What is the Battle of Armageddon? ( Rev 21:1) 
  • The Antichrist gathers kings or world leaders to a place called Armageddon (Rev 15:14, Rev 20:7-9)
  •  Where will Armageddon be? 


[13:41] The Aspects of the Millennium

  • The spiritual aspect: without the Millennium, there's no kingdom of God as the Bible describes it (Ezk 36:24-28)
  • The ethical aspect: There will be a worldwide accepted, objective standard of what is right; True God-centered morality(Isaiah 32:5)
  • The social aspect: Complete social equity will be restored (Isaiah 4:2, Micah 4:4)


[22:39] Closing Up! 

Key Quotes

“The citizens of the Millennial Kingdom will rebuild ancient ruins, raise up areas, places, cities that were formerly devastated… Every inhabitant in the Millennial Kingdom will enjoy the full potential of their intelligence, their industry, their initiative, and economic security.” - Pastor Jeff Cranston 


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